2023.08.01 Opened a rental service site, STAR NET RENTAL.

New service "STARLINK Short-Term Rental" starts! Jointly operated by Doubless & CO. and RENO CREATIVE Co., Ltd.

Doubless & CO.(Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Tomo Hirao) and RENO CREATIVE Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Satoru Nagano) jointly launched a new service, “STARLINK Short-term Rental” (from 4,000 yen excluding tax) on August 1, 2023.
This will open up new options for short-term use of the STARLINK high-speed Internet service. In addition to STARLINK, we plan to expand the variety of rental products.


1. STARLINK’s short-term rental service, a hot topic in high-speed Internet, is an Internet-complete experience rental service designed for short-term needs in leisure, outdoor activities, event venues, and temporary stays.
2. Provide customers with a UI that allows them to freely select and order rental periods of 1 to 30 days on the site.
3. Doubless & CO. and RENO CREATIVE Co., Ltd. will bring their respective expertise and experience to jointly operate this site.
We aim to provide reliable services to our customers by utilizing the experience we have cultivated so far.